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Linda Bennet Foster |
I attended St. Cecilia School/Church with my brother James from 1955-1960. I was also a Brownie in the Girls Scout at the side basement of the church. Great memories!!
28 July 2012 - Pelham Pkway

Joseph M. Alicea |
Greetings. I'm from the Shea, Class of '62. Sadly, many of the boys from that class served in Vietnam after high school and too many returned home covered by the flag of our Nation. We can all be proud of their service. We learned to honor and serve our country at Commander Shea. I'm glad that I found this website and can share this with you. Que Dios lo bendiga. Joseph M. Alicea, Major, USAF (Retired)
11 June 2012 - TX, CO, GA, NM, Germany, CA, Virginia

Michael Collino |
Hello to any 1961 St Cecilia graduates.
I never knew this site existed until today. I went to St Cecilia for 8 years and graduated in '61 (Brother Grogan)Hope there is someone out there that might remember me. Grew up on 106th St, between 3rd & Lex, spent my entire pre army days in the park on 106th st, from daybreak to whenever my mom would call me to get home and do your homework :)
15 April 2012 - Any other 1961 graduates out there?

Webmaster comments   Brother Grogan taught me at Power Memorial back in the 70s. I heard he passed away not too long ago.

sheila cabrera rivera |
attented st cecilia lived on 109st way before the projects
18 March 2012 - class 59

seeking any information on how to contact Rita Davila and Maria Baez, 2 students who graduated from St. Cecilias Schhol in 1971. Thanks and GOD bless. Happy 2012
29 December 2011 - EL PASO TEXAS

Classmates of 1984
14 December 2011 - New York city

christopher john slover |
Pray for the complete restoration of my family, a financial breakthrough, and the salvation of my wife and daughter. Deliver us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil and the evil one. Prepare me a table in the presence of my enemies. by the loving discipline of the father lead us to repent and into salvation in forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Pray my faith'll move mountains. Perfect our love with the Father and our love here on Earth and may he be the potter and we the clay (Christopher,Riley,and Brielle). Much favor to you and upon us.God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble and I give thanks in advance for all things! I pray that the obstacles be removed and that I can be the best father, husband, and spiritual leader I can be.
11 December 2011 - florida, usa

Angel Reyes |
I graduated from Commander Shea in 69. My sister Zoraida also went and graduated in 69. Have fond memories. Good site, hope more people post messages. "El Barrio" the best neighborhood in the world.
29 November 2011 - Denver Colorado

Hector Torres |
I came by this site by chance. I attended St. Cecilia's back in the stone age, 1945. Made my First Communion, in
1946. I have very fond memories of the school, and parish. I particularly recall a wonderful teacher, Sister Una. I have wondered what ever became of this beautiful person.
25 November 2011

Joe Diaz |
Hi To the graduates of 1958.

Does any one have a photo of the

girls' 1958 graduating class? If you do please email a copy.I would like to see a picture of my first girlfriend again.
19 November 2011 - HoustonTx

Arlene Benjamin Schiavone |
Graduated St. Cecilia's '53 with Yolanda Gonzalez, Catherine Durkin, Maria Rivera. I went on to graduate St. Josephs branch of Cathedral HS in '57.
My brothers Gary and Robert Benjamin also attended St. Cecilia. Fond memories of those times.I'm married with two adult children and living in Lenox Hill.
2 October 2011 - Living in NYC.

Carmen Rosado |
Wow! I wish i had known about the 2010 reunion. It would have been the 50th reunion since I graduated in 1960. i hope I can reconnect to some of my old classmates- i have only wonderful memories of the Sisters and my experience at St. Cecilia's,
3 August 2011

Luis O Zayas '59 |
Class of 1959 I'm looking to know of Jeannie Reyes who Married Petri while in High School.
Second I have the Commencement Folio of the Class of 1959 Send me an E-Mail I send a copy all four sides.
Carlos A Aponte in Massachusetts and Carol Hanson in AZ., have been given a copy
23 July 2011 - Lancaster CA

Nelly Garcia (Rodriguez) |
Wanting to touch base with classmates of 1975.
11 June 2011

Dennis Ortiz |
St.Cecilia 75' Looking to reconnect with some great people too many to mention. Would love to hear from you. Living in Sunny Miami
3 June 2011

richard la monica |
Graduated in 1960. Brother Paul was our teacher -- Br. Gallway was principal. Went to Power Memorial 1960-64. Would love to hear from old friends from the neighborhood. Used to hang out on 106th playground.
3 June 2011 - Lindenhurst, NY

Sandra Picone |
I am Class of '76. I attended the 2010 Reunion and the 2011 Reunions. Thank you to the committee that put it together. I would love to see it grow every year. I am still looking for my best friend who graduated in my class, Irma Lopez, who had an older brother by the name of Carlos (Charlie).if anyone knows anything please let me know. THX
2 June 2011 - San Antonio, TX

Webmaster comments   You are very welcomed Sandra. It is always a pleasure to see you. God Bless.
Webmaster - Jose B. Rivera

Jose B Rivera |
Testing, one, two three
2 June 2011 - El Barrio, NY

Juan Santiago |
Hello All, I'm a graduate of St Celilia's 1965. I would love to see all the student's from my class (We had two 8th grade classes then) Does anyone remember Mr. Geighan, English non-brother teacher? He was my fav and an inspiration to me. I had many friends but the ones that I truly remember best are Henry Galiano, Efrain Cortez, Eugenio Rivera, Leland Paul, Michael Roman (the singer), James Braxton and Louis Matos. If I left anyone out please forgive me-it was so long ago. What a wonderful time to be born; I'll never forget those years.
Even the harsh discipline of the brothers was all part of the memory. It helped to keep us walking a straight path.
Viva El Barrio!
2 June 2011 - Southbury, Ct

gerard brooker |
Taught 6th grade at SC's 1058-59, and have great memories. Br. Gus Galway, a kind principal. Any 1861 grads out there?
2 June 2011 - Bethel, CT

nilda Iris Flores |
my grandfather's name was Segundo Colon,he used to play the cuatro many years ago in the fiesta de cruz that used to have.Do you happen to have any videos of these events.
6 April 2011 - Athens ,Al.

Evangeline Quintana (Bangie) |
Graduate of Commander Shea 1958-Sister Mary Laboure's class. Would like to hear from you if you attended CJJS 1950-1958. Lived on E. 112th St.
22 March 2011 - El Barrio

Hello to all!!!. I attended St. Cecilias for 8th grade(1970-71) and graduated in 1971.From there I went to All Hallows. It was one of the best memories of my life!!!. I would love to hear from anyone who attended during that time and anyone who can help with info on Willian (Willie) Garcia, Maria Baez, Rita Davila, 2 brothers who graduated together, one nicknamed "Dino"?? I can also be reached on Facebook. Thanks for reading this message and God Bless To all.
3 March 2011 - EL PASO TEXAS

Webmaster comments   Will look you up on Facebook my friend. Hope you remember me.

Tom Heffernan |
My mom passed away on Friday 25 February 2011. She was baptized in St. Cecilia's in September 1916. She always loved her church and I brought her back a few weeks before her passing. Thanks to Fr. Peter and the congregation for the mass in mom's memory on Saturday.
28 February 2011 - Eastchester, New York

Brother Payne |
I just stumbled onto this page and loved reading it. Although most poster are from the time before me, I new the stories that linger about the legends you mentioned.
I LOVED those years. I always tell the young teacher that they missed the glory days of teaching.
May the blessings flow on.
6 February 2011 - Brooklyn

Father Peter Mushi, AJ |
This is to continue encouraging all the alumni to set aside Saturday, April 16th for a dinner dance at Cardinal Cooke Residence here in New York. We are sure you will love the scenery, food, music and above the company. Let us get together and feel alright celebrating friendship and working to renew Saint Cecilias. See you there then!!
13 January 2011 - Manhattan, New York

keijo |
And the presen ceof the Lord will grow with our faith and live in grace and see his hearts love to us in joy and praise and in power with beautiful new the year in righteousness and the light ,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden
3 January 2011 - sweden

Joe Diaz |
I graduated in 1958 and I have lost

track of special friends with whom I would like to communicate.One was Martha Galindez and another was Jose Velez.
30 December 2010 - I Iive in Texas now

Ruben Rivera |
Great memories from Cmdr. John J. Shea, attended from Sept. 1945 to Feb. 1951
30 December 2010

Nancy Bernacet-Flores |
Greetings Iam looking for any alumni from commander shea.Sister Christine,Sister Seton, and Bro. Shields was principal. Bro Pelligrino where my teachers and Sister Melanie.So many memories.I especially remember a friend Myrna. 1966
13 December 2010 - please contact with info for next reunion

Deborah Morales (Rivera) |
I graduated in 1975 and resided at the Clinton Projects on 108th St., does anyone know Mildred Barretto, Lillian Roman? It's great to read some of these messages, if you graduated in 1975, send me a message. Let's catch up.
9 November 2010 - Albany, NY

Dalila Pichardo |
i'm happy to say that i am half way through completing my sacraments. i have learned so much and look forward to learn even more. i have been blessed and will continue walking on God's path of salvation. i can't wait till Jesus comes and get us.
30 October 2010 - New York City

marguerite kiernan |
I live in Vero Beach,FL and someone lost a little baggy with some beautiful silver medals in it. There is a silver medal of the Sacred Heart of Jesus with 'Saint Cecilia's Choir' engraved on the back of it. I have put out a lost and found to the three local Catholic Churches here and am trying the Saint Cecilia's in NYC also. There were also some other silver medals and chains in the bag. Please email me if you think you know who these might belong to.
25 September 2010 - Fort PIerce FL

Clarisel Gonzalez |
Please hear my prayers God.

16 August 2010 - Bronx

15 August 2010 -

grace friscia defalco |
my 8 years at st.cecilia were the best in my life, such great memories , graduated 1970. would love to hear from old classmates and teachers. had mrs.rasquin,sr.annmarie,sr,remember br.d etc.
31 July 2010 - where are yinyin gene,frances jackson,pamela williams

Mrs. P |
I love St.Cecilia's and I'm so happy to be part of thie parish. I'm even doing my sacraments so that I can finish my communion and confirmation. I'm so excited with this new chapter in my life. Thank you Jesus.
23 July 2010 - New York

Maria Bertini-Guerin |
Congratulations to St. Cecilia’s Parish on having Fr. Peter Mushi assigned to you as your new pastor.
Just wanted you to know, that Fr. Peter is a truly dedicated priest and an absolutely terrific man.
We of the alumni association of his last assignment, St. Angela Merici Church and School, considered ourselves fortunate to have worked closely with him for 10 yrs.
Our loss at St. Angela’s is certainly St. Cecilia’s gain.
Best of luck, Fr. Peter – We will miss you.

Maria Bertini-Guerin’63
St. Angela Merici Alumni Association
15 July 2010 - Bronx, NY

Thomas Billone |
I am looking at my father's Certificate of Baptism dated October 27, 1912 baptized by Rev M. J. Phelan and signed by Reverand P. J. Lennon.
24 May 2010 - Virginia, USA

Janet Daphne Nazario |
I too attended the 2 day reunion, yes it was very special, all I could do was giggle; I was once again a teenager for those two days. I graduated in 1970. My sincere thanks to all those involved in the planning and execution of this wonderful event.
19 May 2010 - New York

Sylvia Pruski (Kleps) |
I like to have contact to Jubencio or Nelly Diaz.I spend a lot of time in 1990 with them.If you want,please write me.You are still in my mind!!!!Love,Sylvia
7 May 2010 - Germany

Eleana Conde '76 |
Best Time Ever At This Weekend's Reunion Party!!!! Thank You Organizers/Thank All Alumni !!!
19 April 2010 - New York

Arlene Umpierre |
What a glorious, exciting and emotional 2 days (4/16 and 4/17). Another cherished memory to add to my SCS years (grad of '65).
Thank you one and all for the hard work, graciousness and the memories. And of course in making it possible to visit inside my beloved SCS school and church.
18 April 2010 - Cranbury, New Jersey USA

Eleana Conde |
I hope to make the reunion this coming weekend. I attended both Commander Shea & St. Cecilias, then went on to Catholic High School - Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I am forever grateful to my parents for putting me through catholic schools. Great teachers back then / I miss the way the school system now operates, especially public schools. I now live in Westchester in a wonderful school system but don't like the fact that students get away with lots of things, especially homework - there's no consequence in the public school system. I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for my parents and the disciplined teachers in the catholic schools! Started Comm. Shea in the 2nd grade / then went to St. C in the 6th (that's when the two schools shifted in grades). Best years of schooling!
16 April 2010 - Live in Westchester County / Work in NYC

Rosemarie Sarasua |
I have attended St. Cecilia School from 1976-1984. I have met the most wonderful teachers there. It would be a blessing to revisited all my old classmates and staff once again. St. Cecilia has wonderful unforgetable memories that I have always carried in my heart.
13 April 2010 - Riverdale, NY

victor lopez | vlopez
Hey all. I graduated in 1966. Cant wait to see all you guys. My compadre Herman Dohnert and I will be there. I just retired as a JHS principal in East Harlem and am anxious to trade stories.
3 April 2010

Ana Torres Maldonado |
Greetings, I am a graduate of Commander Shea, 1967. I am very interested in meeting classmates from my graduate year. It is exciting to know that folks from my childhood will gather, meet and share life stories.
30 March 2010

What good memories I have having attended St Cecilia and Commander Shea.1945to 1946 and 1948 till 1951. Made my first holy communion while attending st cecilia. I remember Sister Mary Janet who gave me a statue of the Sacred Heart. Hope to return one day and visit
12 March 2010 - 1455 W. Erie St Chicago, Illinois

Dianne Gomez Davis |
6 March 2010 - WOW all the memories of us and the fun days etc

Sr. Brian Marie Latour |
What a wonderful site!!! I have such fond memories of my years at St. Cecilia's - 1962 -65 - I taught fifth grade and was upstairs with Sr. M. Frederick and Sr. M. Veronica. There are lots of stories you all need to know. No one will ever know what Sr. Veronica quietly did for people. I am happy that some of you are still in touch with Sr. Christine and Sr. Kathleen Ballantine.
I also had the Glee Club and that group was made up of boys and girls - we sang at the World's Fair, if anyone remembers.
Shirley is also posting a note I sent her. It is wonderful hearing all the positive comments so many have written.
You need to know how much we love you all and had such hopes for you when we taught at St. Cecilia's and CS.
28 February 2010 - Plattsburgh, NY

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